Birdseye Maple Serving Board


Birdseye Maple is one of the rarest kinds of wood in the world. This exotic and valuable wood has been prized by artisans for centuries. It has for years been extensively used in handcrafted furniture, musical instruments and for elegant interior design. Having this unique character, it is known as wood that brings happiness.

Dimensions: 16″ x 8″

*Made in Canada*

Laser etching available! Personalize your gift Birdseye Maple board(s) by laser etching your corporate logo on.

$25 one-time setup charge.
1 to 4 Boards = $20 each.
5 to 9 Boards = $15 each.
10 to 24 Boards = $10 each.
25+ Boards = $8 each.

For more information about laser etching please contact us.


Additional information

Weight1295 g
Dimensions41 x 21 x 2 cm