Sgambaro's Travels! Fun Places & Happy Faces

Edmonton-based Sgambaro’s Signature Seafoods is proud to see that our quality products travel around the world, and we love to see people enjoying them.

Please send your pictures with a brief description to and you could win a tasting package, and we will add your picture to our website!


Sgambaro’s in Massachusetts!
Sent to us by Deborah Deluca from Taunton, Massachusetts USA! Her daughter enjoying some of our delicious Sgambaro’s Lox and 3 mustard dill sauce! Thanks for sharing this with us Deborah!


Sgambaro’s in Sri Lanka!
Nemish from Edmonton brings his nieces Bhagya and Sadali a Canadian treat while visiting Sri Lanka, Sgambaro’s Lox of course!


Sgambaro’s Picnicking in Sri Lankan Park!
Picnic in the Sri-Lankian park! Thushara enjoy’s Sgambaro’s Lox with wife Nirupa and mother in law Chandra.


Sgambaro’s in China!
Valter Schmidt of Edmonton gifts Sgambaro’s lox to a good friend Mr. Lau in Shanghai, China, April 2014.


Sgambaro’s Travels Once Again!
This time it is the city of Ottawa, in Ontario, Canada. Sent to us by Edmund Tang with his daughter Emma holding up the package on Parliament Hill.


Sgambaro’s in South Korea!
Enjoying the Han river view and Sgambaro’s lox from a hotel room at Hotel Rivera, Cheongdam-Dong, Seoul, South Korea. Sent to us by Nilusha Malmuthuge.


Sgambaro’s in Big Lakes County!
From just outside of the Hamlet of Faust, Alberta. Jeff Crane enjoying Sgambaro’s Atlantic cold smoked lox all dressed up!!


Sgambaro’s in Montreal!
From Alberta to “La Belle Province” Québec! Sent to us by Mike & his wife Cindy. Gravlax about to be prepared on some good ol’ Montreal Bagels!