Alberta Wholesale

Here at Sgambaro’s Signature Seafoods, there is no minimum policy in effect, full cases do not need to be ordered. Order what you only really need.

Only need two sides of Lox? No Problem!

We rather deliver to you weekly than once a month. Weekly delivery works really well with our just in time production. Ensuring you always have the freshest lox possible.

Atlantic Cold Smoked Salmon(Lox) pre-sliced
Food Service Size

Pack Size
8 whole sides of lox pre-sliced on 8 gold fish boards.
Approximately 8-9 kg per case.

Atlantic Cold Smoked Salmon(Lox) pre-sliced
Retail Packages

Pack Size
30 x 170 gram packages per case.
5.1 kg per case.

Atlantic Cold Smoked Salmon
Whole Sides

Pack Size
5 whole sides to a case at an average weight of 1.25 kg each.
Approximately 6.25 kg per case.

Wholesale Information

For current pricing, wholesale inquiries on other products, or to place an order,
please call Sgambaro’s at (780) 457-8227
or email us at