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The Chef

Sgambaro's is owned and operated by Roberto Sgambaro. A professional chef with 21 years of cooking experience, Roberto has had extensive training in Toronto, Montreal and France.

2004-2005 were very good years for Roberto Sgambaro. His business plan presentation captured the Grand Prize in the Edmonton Region Venture Prize competition. This win, dedicated hard work, and resulting notoriety is propelling his smoked salmon product line to great success.

In 2013 Sgambaro's won a Food Award for their Atlantic Cold Smoked Salmon. Presented by the Alberta Food Processors Association, Sgambaro's won in the category of "Best Value Added Specialty Meat, Poultry or Seafood Product".

In 1986, Roberto achieved his Red Seal and Journeyman Certificate. In 1994, Roberto went on and successfully completed his "Chef De Cuisine" program, earning him a degree and certification, a feat that only 300 others in Canada had accomplished at that time. That same year he became a member of the Association of Chefs De Cuisine of Edmonton, a branch of the Canadian Federation of Chefs De Cuisine. Although Roberto had entered and won medals at culinary competitions, his greatest achievement had yet to come.

In 1995, the concept of "Sgambaro's" was born, and was originally named "Experience Gastronomique". "Gastronomique" is defined as "the art of good eating", therein lays the core of Roberto's mission; to present individuals with the chance to experience some of the excellent foods that he has been exposed to throughout his life. Thus, the foundation for Sgambaro's has always been and will always remain to be fine quality foods allowing people to expand their palate.

Today people can enjoy the quality products that Sgambaro's has to offer. They can be purchased at many retail shops in Edmonton, St. Albert and Calgary. Also, in the summer you can always find Sgambaro's at booth #151 and #153 at Western Canada's largest outdoor Farmer's Market located in St. Albert (the market runs every Saturday from June 13th, 2015 to October 10th, 2015 from 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM). Sgambaro's products are not limited to just retailers, many of Edmonton's and Calgary's finest restaurants and hotels serve smoked salmon prepared by Sgambaro's.

"I will always look forward to the challenge, to meet the needs and demands of my customers who are looking for outstanding food!"

I Remain,

Your "Chef De Cuisine"
Roberto A. Sgambaro
Director of
Sgambaro's Signature Seafoods Inc.